Hair  || Due || Nomisuke ** Gacha – Hud C,D**

Lipstick || MJN || Aniston Lip

Bikini || Cynful || Heat Bikini *Luxe Box June 17*

Sarong || Essence || Hanauma Bay Outfit

Shoes || Empire || Snapdragon *Luxe Box June ’17*



Glasses || Weird || Summer Shades

Necklace || E.Marie || Zodiac Necklace Taurus *Kustom9*

Popsicle || Pew Pew ||  Bunny Popsicle *Kustom9*

Puppy  || REIGN || Beach Bag Doggy Bow #13 *Arcade Gacha*


Pose || Imitation || Icepop

Backdrop || Rama




Bring me to serenity, let me be peaceful

Bring me to a place that my mind can wander and my thoughts can fathom

Show me that the ocean so violent and unforgiving can still have moments of calm

Show me that my mind so dark and cloudy can still have flowers bloom, even in the harshest of conditions

Bring me to serenity, let me be peaceful